Infallible Improv!
Jurassic Pope Improv
Jurassic Pope has been making audiences laugh for over 65 million years. You can't argue with us there...
Because we're infallible.

We perform regularly in Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and San Jose.
Current Show:
Jurassic Pope's current show is the Relationship De(con)struction! It takes apart one relationship and examines how it could go right... but will probably go terribly wrong.

Upcoming show:
We are hard at work creating our next show format. All the dialogue, plots, characters, and jokes are completely improvised every time, but now we're creating a new recipe to give you a variation on a great thing!

Next up, Jurassic Pope will present a completely improvised full-length play rife with drama, comedy, heart, absurdity, and maybe some magical realism. This is not your college improv show.
The Team
Jurassic Pope is a group of brilliant, funny, and attractive people to whom photos don't do justice, but below is a photo anyway. You can use your imagination to really kick it up a notch. We are (from left to right) . . .
Dane Fox-McGraw, Jessy Lancaster, Karen Sandvoss, Michelle Swaney, Karola Krietmair, Adrian Vazquez, Ben Cedars, and Brad Jonas

Drop us a line!
Need us to perform for your festival? Or teach a class? Or come to your workplace to do a fun improv enrichment activity or a productive and exciting teambuilding and strategy workshop? We'd love to! Feel free to reach out!